Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagrams

Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagrams

4.9K 256K views 5 months ago Whitetail Deer Anatomy, Shot Placement, and Hunting Tips With years of researching whitetail deer while designing my most popular prints, I put together the.

Whitetail Deer Vitals Diagram

If you choose to hunt whitetail deer with a .338 Win. Mag., for example, you can just about shoot the deer from any angle, from any reasonable hunting distance and kill the animal provided your bullet reaches vitals, because the cartridge's 220-grain bullet traveling at nearly 3000 fps has enough energy to penetrate the entire length of any.

Whitetail Deer Anatomy An Ethical Hunter's Perspective

The diagram shown above shows exactly where a deer's vitals are located (note that part of the lungs are cut away to show placement of the heart). That's the first step to proper shot placement. Notice how the majority of the heart is directly above the leg - not behind it.

Whitetail Vitals Diagram

Where you shoot a whitetail (or mule deer) could be the difference between a clean, ethical kill and a wounded, suffering animal. A deer's vitals include the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and intestines. But where is the best place to shoot a whitetail? Read on! #ad Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit - Portable Butcher Game Processor Set (8-piece)

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#1 Basic but effective!!! After 25 years of this - I still like sending out one of these. "where exactly did u hit? Penetration and angle?" Use em multiple times a year in helping buddies, etc. Or a good reminder before the shot. That shoulder blade is always a good one, for example, to look at & think about yearly.

Incredible Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagram 2022

November 11, 2020 By: NDA Staff Many deer hunters are familiar with a deer's tarsal glands and the role it plays in communication during the rut. However, that's not the only gland whitetails use to communicate with one another.

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Metadata. Because of the absence of a comprehensive description of the osseous anatomy of the white-tailed deer, this study was undertaken. The external morphology of each bone is described utilizing the current nomenclature presented in Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria. Bones obtained from five male and five female deer were studied.

Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagram

Summer is in the air! We as whitetail bowhunters are spending our days planning out our food plots, prepping mineral stations, figuring out our new stand locations, and hopefully starting to shoot the bows!

Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagrams

Of all the vital organs to hit, a heart shot will kill the deer the quickest because the animal bleeds out rapidly when either the atria (upper chambers) or the ventricles (lower chambers) are hit. A deer has a left lung and a right lung with its heart between the two. The bulk of the two lungs is also set slightly behind the heart and behind.

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Place your pin on the opposite shoulder, in line with the leg about halfway up the body. This will give you the biggest kill zone of any shot opportunity. Studying the anatomy of a deer and knowing where to aim your broadhead for a clean, ethical kill has never been easier than it is today.

The Anatomy Of A Whitetail Deer ANATOMY

September 07, 2022 Where to shoot a deer - 11 shot placement diagrams (where to aim) In the field, most windows of opportunity are narrow. So acting swiftly must be your default position as a hunter. That goes for shot placement as well. You'll learn that through a review of: 11 scenarios 18 diagrams 9 rules

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In a broadside situation, a shot placed behind the crease of the shoulder will result in the bullet traveling through both lungs. The arrows represent quartering away, broadside, quartering to, and head-on shot angles from both sides of the animal. With proper penetration, the bullet will go through the lungs and often the heart in each.


Lungs Shot Lungs have the biggest surface area that will ensure a lethal shot. Every deer has two lungs. The lungs overlap one another and when a shot goes through both lungs of a deer it is called a 'double lung' shot. Pretty self-explanatory as to why is it called that.

Whitetail Shot Placement Deer Hunting

There is always that unseen small limb or twig. The Deer could move just as you release the shot or you could flinch at the last moment. The Main point is to be 100 percent sure of your target and the point of impact for your shot. Do it for yourself, the whitetail deer and the advancement of our hunting heritage. More Whitetail Deer Pictures

Deer Anatomy Best Deer Shot Placement & Making Recovery Decisions

white-tailed deer, ( Odocoileus virginianus ), common American deer of the family Cervidae (order Artiodactyla) that covers a huge range from the Arctic Circle in western Canada to 18 degrees south of the Equator in Peru and Bolivia. The white-tailed deer get its name from the long white hair on the underside of the tail and rump.

Incredible Whitetail Deer Anatomy Diagram 2022

Heart The heart is a fairly small organ and is one of the best places to shoot a deer for a few reasons: The heart is slightly encompassed by the lungs. The majority of the lungs are found directly above the heart. Compensates for string jumping deer. Deer will expire quickly. Distance plays a role in where you should shoot a deer with a bow.