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Aside from the wooden shoes, traditional Dutch costume includes a variety of dresses, pants and shirts, hats and other accessories that vary by region and, in many cases, by village. The most famous Dutch clothing hails from Volendam, a historic fishing village northeast of Amsterdam, with its pointed and curled women's bonnets.

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Dutch male hats were diverse - wide-brimmed hats, flat caps, warm fur or woolen hats, etc. And Dutch traditional footwear is famous worldwide. You've probably heard or seen photos of these charming wooden shoes called "klompen" or "clogs". Each shoe is hand-carved from a single piece of wood, it's durable and protects the foot.

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A Dutch cap or Dutch bonnet is a specific style of traditional headwear worn in the Netherlands. It is a lovely coif or bonnet made from light fabric and worn by the local women. Often, a Dutch bonnet is sewn from cotton and adorned with lace or needlework. Some of these caps have drawstrings to tie them under the chin and others don't.

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1 Comment Tweet Dutch clothing and costumes originated in the country, now known as the Netherlands, made up of 14 provinces that have their own traditional costumes. The best known and considered national dress, has its origin in the southern province of Volendam, being used today by Dutch women as a tourist attraction.

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A Dutch cap or Dutch bonnet is a style of woman's hat associated with the various traditional Dutch woman's costumes. Usually made of white cotton or lace, it is sometimes characterized by triangular flaps or wings that turn up on either side. [1] It can resemble some styles of nurse's hat. [2] Traditional costumes of the Netherlands

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About Dutch Traditional Clothing & Costumes Rob3rt82/iStock/GettyImages Dutch clothing and costumes originated in the country now called the Netherlands, which has 14 provinces, and each province has its own traditional costumes.

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Traditional Dutch clothing. The iconic pointed and curled hats with long dresses and aprons: this is the stereotypical Dutch girls' outfit. It's as typical as the Dutch monarchy, windmills and tulips - yet there's so much more to it than just this familiar image. There are countless variations on the Dutch traditional costumes that we're.

Von Dutch Hat Von dutch hat, Von dutch, Hats

Traditional Dutch Dress While there may have been less individuality within any given group, there was more diversity between nations and regions; each area had its own costume. The following is a collection of traditional Dutch costumes, showing the regional differences between different parts of this small country.

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Traditional-Dutch-Women-Clothing. Long skirts, blouses, aprons, and shawls or other shoulder accents are all part of the traditional clothing for women. Most women wear wooden clogs, and hats vary by region. Better fabric and lace are used in Sunday and special occasion attire. While some skirts are plain, others have stripes.

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Great hats throughout history. A young woman from Les Sables D'Olonne, France, wears a towering headpiece with the shapes of roses outlined in white fabric. Two women pose with their daughters in their traditional Zeeland clothing in the Netherlands.

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Many people think of the Volendam costume when they think about Holland or the Netherlands. This is the costume which is replicated on all kinds of labels under 'Dutch Maid', with the peaked and winged cap. In fact, the costume is only worn in the one village of Volendam, and is not representative or typical of the Netherlands as a whole.

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A guide to traditional Dutch clothing and culture | Expatica Besides the cuisine, one of the most recognizable features of any culture in the world is its traditional costume. Here's a guide to traditional Dutch clothing.