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Suitable for Various Fences Traditional barbed wires could be combined with various fences like high security fence or anti-climb fence for advanced security barriers.. Durable and Low Maintenance Our conventional barbed wire is pre hot dipped galvanized, which means there is a layer of zinc on the wire to make it resistant to corrosion and rust.

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The 50-Year fence Introducing our new high tensile barbed wire by StaTite 50 which is stronger than traditional, low carbon barbed wire and will last significantly longer. If you need a barbed wire that won't sag or stretch over time, is easy to install, and is virtually maintenance-free, this barbed wire fits the bill.

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Barbed wire, also known as barb wire, is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands. Its primary use is the construction of inexpensive fences, and it is also used as a security measure atop walls surrounding property.

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The primary types of barbed wire are galvanized, high tensile, PVC-coated, concertina, standard, leather, and single twist. These barbed wires are all unique in purpose but are typically used to restrict access to a location. Barbed wire has sharp razor-like points to prevent intruders from trespassing.

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These are also known as traditional twist barbed wire types. It consists of two strands twisted together in a single direction. These types of barb wire are the where the balance between cost, effectiveness, and maintenance lies.

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By enabling landowners to carve out their territory and close the open range, barbed wire brought modernity to the American West. In doing so, it created fortune for some — and spelled disaster for others. The invention of barbed wire is a story of winners and losers.

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Used on construction and storage sites and around warehouses, barbed wire protects supplies and persons and keeps out unwanted intruders. In any event, it has proved both highly useful and highly significant in altering traditional practices during both war and peace. Glidden's patent, No. 157124, was issued November 24, 1874.

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12.5 Gauge High Tensile. This is found in our various deer, cattle, hog, sheep and goat field fences. The 12.5 gauge high tensile wire stretches 1.5-2%, but breaks at 15-1600 lbs., making it 3x stronger than the 12.5 gauge low carbon wire. Since this is so stiff, and would be very difficult to tie together, it would never be used in barbed wire.

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Traditional Twist Barbed Wire. Barbed wire is the most popular fencing wire made in three processing methods: traditional twisted, positive / straight twisted, reverse / negative twisted. Strands can be single or double. The wires are braided with a system of constant torsion, with barb prongs interlaced in the wires. As a traditional fencing.

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Table of Contents Show What Is Barbed Wire? Barbed wire is a type of wire that helps make cheap fences. The wire is characterized by having sharp metal points that are also known as barbs. Barbed wire mainly has two steel strands that are coated with zinc.

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Traditional twist barbed wire: Low carbon steel or galvanized steel, or both, are used to manufacture the traditional barbed wire. The wires can be zinc-coated, PVC-coated, or even made of iron. In order to minimize corrosion, the wires are also galvanized. Traditional twist barbed wire is mainly used for animal cages, land fencing, business.

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Applications: with high tensile, barbed wire is the perfect selection for cattle fencing and for the top wire above a traditional stock fence. It is also suitable for farm fencing, grassland farm. Barbed wire with chain link fence or welded fence can be found in use in railway, airport, high protection areas.

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Sometimes referred to as traditional twist barbed wire, this is a popular twisting technique in which the barbs are twisted in a single direction. Using this method is cheap while still providing good durability and functionality. Oddly enough, the barbs are twisted between the strands instead of around them.

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Barbed wire is a simple and cost-effective livestock fencing solution. But what many farmers may not realize is that not all barbed wire is equal. A quick trip to the farm store will reveal a number of different options, ranging from different metals to different gauges of barbed wire.