Texas Syndicate gang member accused of swinging knife while charging at

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Gang Profile Symbols: TS, Tejanos, Texas symbols, long horns, demons, horned dragons, cuernos and syndicatos. Ranking structure: Paramilitary/Buisness Territory: Houston, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and other Texas towns and cities. Alliances: none Members: 14,000 Racial make up: Hispanic Threat: High

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Some, but not all, TS members have TS tattoos. These tattoos commonly include "cuernos" (horns), and words containing the letters "T" and "S". Members consider it to be an offense against the organization for a nonmember to have a TS tattoo or assert membership in the Texas Syndicate prior to becoming a full member.

Texas Syndicate prison gang remains a force to fear

Members of the 'Texas Syndicate' prison gang show off their gang tattoos in the administartive segregation wing of the Hughes Prison. As confirmed gang members, they are locked inside their cells for 23 hours a day and are only allowed a brief recreation period with members of their same gang.

Longhorn Texas Syndicate Tattoos TATTOO PATTERN MEAN

The TS has two additional factions: the Texas Syndicate United (TSU) and Texas Syndicate Originals (TSO). Tattoos The TS has a specific tattoo consisting of a large "T" superimposed over an "S." The term "Cuerno(s)" is the Spanish word for "horn(s)" and is an identifier or indicator of possible TS membership..

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The perpetual growth of gangs and active recruitment within the state, compounded by the continual influx of criminal illegal aliens crossing the Texas-Mexico border, threatens the security of not only Texans, but also all US citizens.

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45 pages. For Law Enforcement Use Only. July 2007. This booklet is published by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Criminal Intelligence Service, with the cooperation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Security Threat Group Management Office. It is being provided as a resource to assist law enforcement agencies and correctional.

Texas Syndicate gang member accused of swinging knife while charging at

The Texas Syndicate, a prison gang that operates in and outside of penitentiaries, is considered by state law-enforcement officials to be among the most dangerous criminal organizations in.

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The Texas Syndicate (Spanish: Sindicato Tejano) is a mostly Texas -based street and prison gang consisting of predominantly Mexican American membership. The Texas Syndicate, unlike the Mexican Mafia or Nuestra Familia, has been more associated or allied with Mexican immigrant prisoners. [4] [5] Overview

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Incarcerated Hispanic men from major Texas cities (including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin ), have banded together for protection from established security threat groups like Mexikanemi and the Texas Syndicate. [7] [8] [9] Each regional group is individually called a Tango. [7]

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Texas Syndicate - Tattoos, Symbols and Identification Tattoos, Symbols and Identification A heart for an executioner used for ex military recruits A trident for an enforcer used for ex military recruits Three marks of a bird's footprint for a drug dealer Five marks of a bird's footprint for a weapons supplier

Texas Syndicate gang member accused of swinging knife while charging at

In his first year on the job, Luis Sandoval found himself delivering drugs to a self-described drug runner on behalf of the state's deadliest prison gang, the Texas Syndicate. Two years after.

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Authorities contend that in the past decade, members of the Texas Syndicate, which is the state's original prison gang, have carried out at least 50 murders, solved or unsolved, in addition to.

Longhorn Texas Syndicate Tattoos TATTOO PATTERN MEAN

The Texas Syndicate (or Syndicato Tejano) is a mostly Texas-based prison gang that includes Hispanic and at one time White members (The organization at one time did allow non-Hispanic members to join, but that policy was repealed in the 1980s). The Texas Syndicate, more than La Eme or Nuestra Familia, has been more associated or allied with Mexican immigrant prisoners, such as the "Border.


Tattoos and Their Meanings Presented by the Canada Border Services Agency Organized Crime Section National Headquarters May 2008 TATTOOS AND THEIR MEANINGS Tattoos are useful indicators to identify individuals who are members of a gang or a criminal organization.

Texas Syndicate gang member accused of swinging knife while charging at

Victor Coronado A Texas Syndicate gang member has been charged with aggravated assault of a public servant after he was accused of swinging a knife at a sheriff's deputy. Victor Emajae.