David Beckham's son Romeo experiments with a ponytail just like his

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Hairy moment: David Beckham wore his hair in a ponytail last night as his team LA Galaxy suffered a 3-0 home defeat to FC Dallas The midfielder was watched on by his three sons Brooklyn,.

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04 / 10 (Photo Credit : Instagram) Bored out with the mohawk, David Beckham transformed it into a faux hawk. He allowed the hair on the side and back of his head to grow back but didn't play with the actual mohawk. Beckham later got the centre mohawk dyed and chopped off the entire hair at equal length.

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The buzz cut remains a classic men's hairstyle to this day, and Beckham undoubtedly helped popularize it. In 2003, David Beckham went for a daring mohawk style, which instantly became iconic. He shaved the sides of his head and left his center hair longer, creating a sharp-looking strip down the middle.

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David Beckham on a commercial shoot on May 2, 1998, in Manchester, England. Shaun Botterill/Allsport/Getty Pictured here on a commercial shoot in 1998, Beckham went back to the piecey blonde.

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Football legend David Beckham is famous for his ever-changing hairstyles at this point - and he's only gone and switched things up again. The 48-year-old former England player has had it all,.

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David Beckham is a 36 year old English soccer player. He currently plays the position of the midfielder for Los Angeles Galaxy. He has also played for the English national team, Real Madrid, and his all-time favorite team, Manchester United. David is known for his interesting hairstyles that change quite often.

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In classic David style, the then-Real Madrid star went from one extreme to the other and decided to grow out his locks and rock a longer length cut, and his ponytail became somewhat iconic.

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27 February 2018. Getty Images. David Beckham - football mega-star, father of four, finalist for our Sexiest Man Of The Year 2018 - AND total hairstyle hero. The man buns, the frosted tips, those sweeping curtains of gold - it was only a matter of time before the man, the legend, was asked to create his own grooming brand.

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David Beckham is known for being a style chameleon when it comes to hair.. Beckham used wet look gel to slick his hair back into a ponytail at the Bioterm Homme campaign in Madrid.

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Romeo Beckham is growing up to be just like his famous dad David. The 12-year-old is showing a lot of hair flair despite his tender years and has stepped out sporting a mini ponytail.

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David Beckham's hair hits (and hair fails if we're to be honest) 2018: Slick back 2017: Man bun 2014: Side quiff + facial hair combo 2010: Flow hair 2007: Platinum hues 2004: The buzzcut 2003: Cornrows 2003: Half-up, half-down 2002: Spikes 2001: Mohawk 1998: Curtains

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David Beckham was one of the champions of the platinum bleached hair look in the 90s during his heyday at Manchester United. While Becks' interpretation of the bleached blonde look was.

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By: Chris Hobbs Published: February 15, 2022 As a fashion icon, David Beckham has always been widely followed as a proxy for the latest and most popular hairstyles for men. In recent years, the David Beckham haircut is an undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top to create a fashionable slick back, comb over, buzz cut or faux hawk.

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01 of 15 Blended Fade Pablo Cuadra / Stringer / Getty Images Our most modern entry in Beckham's noteworthy cuts is a classic. This perfectly blended fade transitions effortlessly between his facial hair and his longer razor-tipped length up top.

David Beckham's son Romeo experiments with a ponytail just like his

From his floppy curtains in the 1990s to his double ponytail in the mid-2000s, David often led the way for hairstyles in sport during his days as a player.. David Beckham 'gutted' after storm.

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#18 The Mini-Ponytail.. David Beckham sported the wispy fringe hair that is a blend of a casual and a formal look. The hair is light and looks good to go with a light pomade. This was one of.