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Quickly Find the Bell-Shaped Flowers: 1. Canterbury Bell Flower (Campanula Medium) 2. Lily of the Valley (Convallaria Majalis) 3. Guinea Hen Flowers (Fritillaria Meleagris) 4. White Mountain Heather (Cassiopemertensiana) 5. Bluebells (Hyacinthoides) 6. Mini Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia Arborea) 7. Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) 8.

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Bell-shaped flowers are also generally easy to grow and maintain, with most species simply enjoying lots of sunlight and moist, well-drained soil. Whether you're looking to enhance your garden to expand your knowledge of flowers, you've come to the right place. Here is our guide to 14 bell-shaped flowers for your garden! 1. Bellflower (Campanula)

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Snowdrops. Snowdrops are tiny plants, 3 to 6 inches tall that produce one small, white, bell-shaped flower, which hangs off the end of a green, leafless stalk like a "drop" prior to opening. When the bloom opens, three outer petals arch out over three inner petals. The flower "nods its head" down to the ground.

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Amaryllis Flower Type: Perennials The pretty amaryllis flower, often given away at Christmas, is often seen as a sign of festive joy. While this is true, this flower has many other meanings as well. The Amaryllis flower is available in various shades, including purple, orange, white, yellow, and red. Read more Arbutus Flower Type: Shrubs/Trees

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1. Bluebells ( Hyacinthoides) Bluebells are hardy, frost tolerant flowers that can be grown in the ground or in containers. The beautiful bell shaped flowers are sweet smelling and great for attracting bees and butterflies to your garden. Bluebell bulbs should be planted in fall, 4 inches (10 cm) deep in a spot with partial sun.

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Prepare the soil by turning it under, roughly 6 to 12 inches, and remove any debris; add compost or manure if needed. Dig a hole slightly larger than the bellflower's root ball, aligning the top of the roots with the ground. After filling in the hole, tamp down the soil with your hand.

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Plant Zone: 4-8. Anise, sometimes referred to as blue giant gossip or fragrant giant hyssop, is a herbaceous perennial with bluish-purple flowers that is very fragrant. Many gardeners relate the scent to licorice or tarragon. Anise is an edible plant with a licorice flavor and may be used as an herbal supplement.

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Best Bell-Shaped Flowers for your garden and home from our compiled list. Also, know why you may want to grow these stunning Pick the Best Bell-Shaped Flowers for your garden to add an elegant floral touch while enjoying a rewarding color show!

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Who doesn't love lilies? These sweet, popular flowers are often spoken of because of their whimsical look and soft, white color. They can be found in North America, as well as Europe and some areas of Asia. They thrive in cool climates, living for decades if taken care of well, yet they quickly wither and die if situated in a warm-weather area.

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Bell Shaped Flowers Fuchsia . Fuchsia is a bell-shaped flower that is native to Central and South America. There are over 100 species of Fuchsia, and they come in a wide range of colors, including pink, purple, red, and white.. fingerlike leaves, and flower stalks. It likes partial shade and well-draining soil and is drought tolerant once.

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Foxgloves are known for their bell-shaped flowers that grow along tall spikes. These biennial or short-lived perennials reach up to 5 feet in height, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to garden spaces. Hollyhocks Hollyhocks are a great choice for anyone looking to add a pop of color and height to their garden.

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Do you feel like you need some exciting new flowers to spruce up your landscaping? I love pretty much any flower that looks like a bell. I find them really interesting, and they looked great when I added them to my own garden. My guests always comment on them! This is why I wanted to share them with my readers.

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20 Most Beautiful Bell Shaped Flowers Gardeners are in awe of these flowers for their delicate look and their low maintenance. Most of these thrive in moderate climates and only require a moist soil and lots of sun. It is best to consider the USDA hardiness zones before planting.

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Brought originally from Europe as an ornamental, The plant is known for its bell-shaped nodding purple flowers on erect purplish stems that can grow up to 4 feet tall. It has a fast-spreading and deep root system of long tubers that grows rapidly and can take over your landscape in as little as one season if left untamed.

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1. Snowdrops Scientific name: Galanthus These beautiful white flowers remind me of the flowers that appear in Tinker Bell movies because of their shape. I don't quite consider these to be bell-shaped once the flowers are fully open, but when the bulbs are still closed and just about to open, they do very much look like bells.

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It got its name because of the bell-shaped purple blooms that grow in a chimney-shaped stalk that rises from rich-green foliage. They grow up to 5' in height and grow best in zones 4-8.. These flowers show in cylindrical stalks with blooms growing in a tail-like cluster above a flowerless spire, resembling a giant candle. Desert candles.