14C28N vs. D2 Steel Which to Choose?

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14C28N vs. D2. Let's compare the 14C28N with the high carbon, high chromium D2 steel. Here is a comparison table for ease: 14C28N (out of 5) D2 (out of 5) Edge retention: 2: 3.5: Toughness: 3: 3: Sharpening ease: 3: 1.5: Corrosion resistance: 4: 2: The above factors are the main things buyers look for when buying steel. While 14C28N and D2.

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14c28n is stainless steel made by the Swedish company Sandvik, it's mainly made for knives, it's high in Chromium for great corrosion resistance. Quick History: In fact, 14c28 is an upgrade of the 13C26 "Kershaw asked Sandvik to make their 13C26 steel more resistant to corrosion and the result was 14C28N ". 14c28n steel composition

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What is the 14C28N like on the new Random Leeks and how does it compare to the standard 13C26? What blade style is better for EDC? How is Sandvik's D2, does it act like CPM-D2? Just looking for comments and suggestions, I will be getting one or the other this week. Thanks. 14C28N Leek: D2 Leek: jonnymac44 Joined Sep 27, 2007 Messages 7,674

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Price What Makes A Good Quality Knife? Final Thoughts Sandvik 14C28N steel is better than D2 steel in corrosion resistance and toughness. 14C28N is thus ideal for use in corrosive environments and challenging applications. D2 steel offers better edge retention and wear resistance than 14C28N.

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D2 has a relatively high amount of carbon in its composition (1.55%), more than twice as much as AEB-L (0.68%), but most of that carbon goes into making chromium carbides instead of into solution in the steel matrix, leaving D2 with only ~0.5% C in solution and very large carbides that are good for wear resistance but bad for toughness.

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The 14C28N stainless steel offers better corrosion resistance and is more wear-resistant, which is perfect for everyday use, while D2 steel provides higher toughness and edge retention, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities such as hunting or camping. A Quick Comparison Chart chart 14C28N vs D2 steel: Key Differences

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Here is the short answer: D2, when compared to 14C28N, has better edge retention and toughness. However, 14C28N has more chromium and less carbon than D2, so it's going to be easier to sharpen and have better corrosion resistance. You'd use D2 if you needed a tougher blade and 14C28N if you don't want it to rust as much.

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Properties Breakdown and User Experience **D2 Tool Steel:** The incredible edge retention translates to less time at the whetstone and more time on task. I appreciate the confidence it instills knowing that the blade will come through when tackling tough jobs like splitting hard materials or intricate carving.

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Pros Great toughness: 14C28N steel is one of the toughest steels in the knife industry. Excellent corrosion resistance: Corrosion and rust isn't a worry for a 14C28N knife with its ability to keep rust at bay in all environments. Affordable: 14C28N steel light on the pocket, often regarded as one of the best budget steels. Cons

14C28N vs. D2 Steel Which to Choose?

February 7, 2023 You've probably seen Sandvik 14C28N steel listed alongside the specifications for a cheap folding knife or pocket knife. Is it a good knife steel? Let's break down its chemical composition, strengths and weaknesses, and compare it to other, popular blade steels. What is Sandvik 14C28N Steel?

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When it comes to hardness, 14c28n steel has a Rockwell hardness rating of 57-58, while D2 steel has a hardness rating of 61-62. This puts D2 steel slightly ahead in terms of hardness, making it the better choice for applications that require a high degree of wear resistance.

14C28N vs. D2 Steel Which to Choose?

14c28n vs D2 Steel. The D2 steel compares nicely with 14c28n steel in terms of edge retention, as it's quite hard as well. In many cases, the D2 edge sharpness may last a bit longer. D2 steel also offers similar toughness levels as the 14c28n steel, so both aren't really prone to chipping with proper use.


14C28N vs D2: Overview 14C28N steel is a high-end stainless steel created by the Swedish company Sandvik. It has excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. 14C28N steel also has excellent wear resistance due to its high chromium content.

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Chromium: 14% Magnesium: 0.6% Silicon: 0.2% Nitrogen: 0.11% As you can see, carbon and chromium make up a significant portion of D2 steel's composition, which contributes to its durability and corrosion resistance. D2 steel is known for its ability to hold an edge well, making it a popular choice among knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Three main characteristics differentiate steels from one another: corrosion resistance, hardness, and toughness. I won't go into detail about those here. But to learn more about these and other.

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14c28n Steel vs d2 Steel. 14c28n steel and D2 steel are both high-quality knife steels. They have many similarities, including their high hardness, strength, and wear resistance. D2 is carbon steel that has high toughness and durability. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear.