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Órale is a common interjection in Mexican Spanish slang. [1] It is also commonly used in the United States as an exclamation expressing approval or encouragement. The term has varying connotations, including an affirmation that something is impressive, an agreement with a statement (akin to "okay"), or to signify distress.

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According to Spanish Dict, Urban Dictionary, Doorway to Mexico and Speaking Latino, the word órale (sometimes spelled orale) is a Mexican Spanish slang interjection that has a variety of different meanings. This can mean anything from yes, ok, come on, alright then, so anyway, yo, whoa, wow, hey, wow, watch out, or hell yea, amongst others.

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In short - 'órale' is an EXTREMELY common colloquialism in Mexico and Central America which has a variety of meanings depending on context, such as 'okay', 'come on', 'wow' and MANY more.

3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Expression ¡Órale!

3 Answer s 1 vote I will talk to you later ok! alright! o (stressed ) rale orale. sorry no tilde updated AGO 13, 2009 posted by edward-redmond 1 vote from SpanishDict dictionary: órale from online Mexican dictionary

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Dictionary Grammar English translation of 'órale' Word Frequency órale Lat Am Spain (informal) exclamation (Mexico) (= ¡venga!) come on! (= ¡oiga!) hey! Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved. Examples of 'órale' in a sentence órale Example sentences from the Collins Corpus

3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Expression ¡Órale!

Translation for 'orale' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar. share. If the student does poorly in the orals and receives below an 8, he or she may choose to repeat the final year of lyce ("terminale").

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What does oral mean in Spanish? English Translation. oral. More meanings for oral. oral adjective: bucal, verbal, hablado: by mouth: oral: Find more words!

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Generally órale in Mexican Spanish means got it, okay, no problem or something similar. What does ¡ Órale! mean? You will see and hear this word everywhere from comedian Gabriel Iglesias talking about the "Fat & The Furious" (orale=hey) to popular country music lyrics (orale=hell yeah). How Do You Pronounce Órale? The ¡Órale!

Órale The multiple meanings of órale in Mexico Doorway to Mexico

orale The interjection órale is one of those words that defines Mexican Spanish for speakers of other dialects. It has several meanings. We'll cover it's most common uses here. It is informal without being considered rude. Reaction: ¡Órale! This works for reacting to any surprising news, good or bad. Your friend got a promotion?

3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Slang Word ¡ÓRALE! Spanish slang words, Slang

And lastly you can use as with the intention of "please, come on". Papa, préstame el coche, órale. Dad, let me use the car, come on. As you can see there a number of ways to use órale. It's meaning changes based on context and more importantly your tone of voice. By the way, órale, wey and neta is very informal Spanish.

3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Expression ¡Órale!

10. Spanish Jokes: Funny Fungi. 🚀 Remove ads. Spanish Pronunciation of ¡Órale!. Learn how to pronounce ¡Órale! in Spanish with video, audio, and syllable-by-syllable spelling from Latin America and Spain.

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But what exactly does "orale" mean in Spanish, and how can you use it appropriately? Let's dive into the meaning and usage of this fascinating word. Origin and Cultural Significance "Orale" is a colloquial expression that originated in Mexico, particularly among the Chicano community. It is derived from the Spanish word "hora.

Órale The multiple meanings of órale in Mexico Doorway to Mexico

Urban Dictionary: orale orale Mexican/ chicano word that not only means "hell yeah" or " roght on", but has lots and lots of meanings. Also used to: indicate surprise (" Orale, homes, that bitch has a huge ass!"). Orale, homes. Pass the J, ese. by Pedro January 13, 2004 Get the orale mug. orale

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What does orale pues mean in slang? 'Orale' is an informal Mexican word that can be used to show agreement with a situation or with someone's statement. 'Orale, pues' is an expression that we use to emphasize that we agree with someone. Therefore, we could be translated as 'sounds good', 'okay', 'good' or 'fine'. Orale.

3 Meanings and Usages of the Mexican Spanish Expression ¡Órale!

Nada y todo. It can be used to express amazement like "wow" or agreement like "bet/okay/hell yes/let's do it" or encouragement like "let's go!"or even "hurry up/come on" or even negative things like distress sort of like "wtf" (sort of in line with the "amazement" thing).