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The 12 ¾" x 12 ¾" dimensions accommodate most single and double LPs. If you are looking for a more snug fit, extra dust protection, or sleeves that can accommodate box sets, you've got some options. You can also get 2.5-mil poly outer sleeves for your 7-inch collection or take your protection to the next level with 4-mil mylar sleeves.

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Conclusion Vinyl Record Dimensions Frequently Asked Questions What are the different sizes of vinyl records? Can I Use a 12-Inch Vinyl Record Cover for a 7-Inch Vinyl Record? How Can I Ensure the Artwork on the Album Cover Reflects the Essence of the Album? How does the size of a vinyl record affect its playtime?

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Vinyl records have been a beloved format for music lovers for decades, and the size of a vinyl record sleeve is an important factor to consider when it comes to preserving and displaying these cherished items.

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If she want to protect insert vinyl recording coverage, it's a good idea until house them stylish outer record sleeves. You can view my pick of an best in this past article. In most cases, outer records sleeves of around 12.625″ square (320 mm) or 12.75″ (323.85 mm) will appropriate the standard register sleeve size.

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Polyethylene Lined Paper Sleeves. At the most basic level, I recommend you at least replace all your basic paper sleeves with polyethylene-lined paper. Polyethylene is by far the best inner sleeve material, offering safe antistatic storage for your most precious records. The combination of paper and polyethylene adds extra protection from.


Image Source: The most common size is the 12-inch album, which can hold up to an hour of music. This is the format that was used for most LPs released prior to the compact disc. The smaller 7-inch single is often used for singles and EPs, as well as some limited edition releases.

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If you are looking to store vinyl records in their covers you will want to know the rough sizings of each of the record sleeves. Below gives estimates for the record sleeves, use these and measure against the storage space. 7-inch record cover size Inner sleeve: 7" x 7" Outer sleeve: 7.25″ x 7.25″

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The size of the typical vinyl record sleeve dimensions is 12.375 inches by 12.375 inches (12.375″x12.375″) or 31.43 cm by 31.43 cm square So, to begin our investigations on record sleeve dimensions, we must first firmly grasp the size of the cover itself. This might seem self-explanatory, but you would be surprised.

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An LP spins at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute, or RPM. Your record player will have a switch that determines the proper speed at which a record will play, and while it may be funny to hear your favorite songs played in fast-motion, it can end up damaging your vinyl. The second most common record size is a 7-inch disk, which spins at 45 RPM.

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Sleevie Wonder has a variety of sleeves that can be worn over larger box sets, but make sure to measure your specific box set before purchasing it. A box set from UHQR measures 13 1/2″ wide and 12 3/4″ tall. There is a thickness of 1 5/16 inches. Box sets, which are extremely expensive, should be kept in a safe place.

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A typical 10-inch album cover is 10.227 inches (26cm) square, while a 7-inch single or EP measures at just 7.08 inches (18 cm) square. Choosing the Right Sleeves to Suit Your Vinyl Record Dimensions If you want to protect your vinyl album covers, it's a good idea to house them in outer record sleeves.

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How do records work? What are different record sizes used for? Dimensions of a 33 Record Dimensions of a 45 Record Dimensions of a 78 Record How do records work? When a song is recorded onto a record, the vinyl is imprinted with a very specific pattern of grooves in a ring around the record.

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The standard size of a Vinyl Record cover (Long Playing record) is around 12 inches square or exactly 12.375 inches (31.43 cm) square. However, while the size of the vinyl record cover is a standard measure, album covers vary in thickness significantly. Typical thickness is 1/8 inch or 3.12 mm, while some budget sleeves can be only 3/32 inch or.

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Long-Playing Vinyl Records, or L.P.s, are the most common type of vinyl records. They are made of polystyrene and were introduced in the 1950s. L.P.s typically measure 12 inches in diameter and can spin at up to 33 revolutions per minute (rpm). Extended Play Vinyl Records, or E.P.s, are similar to L.P.s but are smaller in size.

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Diskeeper Ultimate Outer 5.0 Outer Sleeves. Vinyl Storage Solutions 4 mil single Pocket 12inch LP Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves. BigFudgeVinyl 50x Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves 12″ LP. Cue78 50x Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves. Sleevie Wonder 5 Box Set Outer Sleeves 4mil Polyethylene.

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b) Width: The standard width of a 12-inch vinyl sleeve is also approximately 31.43 centimeters (12.375 inches). This dimension enables the sleeve to fully encase the 12-inch vinyl record, ensuring proper protection and facilitating easy insertion and removal of the record. The width measurement also accommodates the larger surface area required.