Tom Cruise, 56, hasn't aged one bit as he films scenes for Top Gun Maverick on a motorcycle

Top Gun 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer was recently asked about Quentin Tarantino's famous take on the movie, and his answer embodied a constructive approach to movie interpretation beneficial to fans and critics alike. Released in 1986, Top Gun was a huge hit for director/action cinema legend Tony Scott and made a household name of its young star, Tom Cruise.

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The cult classic Top Gun launched a new era of cinema upon its release in 1986. A thrilling romance alongside rookie pilot scenes with an epic soundtrack gave all cinephiles something to gush over

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When Tony Scott's Top Gun landed in cinemas, it was an instant blockbuster, pulling in over $35 0 million worldwide.Filled with adrenaline-packed scenes, Top Gun made audience members of all ages want to be the next woman-chasing, hotshot pilot. Little did everyone know, years down the line, the iconic movie would give rise to some pretty hilarious Top Gun memes.

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Top Gun is one of those classic '80s films that is renowned for its endlessly quotable one-liners, high-octane action, and cheesy soundtrack by the master of the movie theme song, Kenny Loggins.It features beautiful people doing impossible stunts, promising melodrama and thrills that it delivers at Mach 10. Watching Top Gun makes you feel like you just got a thumbs up from Maverick himself.

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Google "Top Gun Gay" and you'll get a hefty 1,390,000,000 results. This reading isn't something that audiences later projected onto the film through fan theories and nostalgic reconsiderations.

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Then there's the show's hunky gay couple, bartender/pilot Captain Milosz Nowak (The Boys In The Boat's Thomas Elms) and flight nurse Tristan Green (Riverdale's Kheon Clarke), who sure help.

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Other Top Gun quotes highlight aspects of the movie, from the romance to the humor to the rivalries. Certain Top Gun quotes even become better after watching Top Gun: Maverick. Looking back on these lines might make fans want to revisit Top Gun all over again. RELATED: Mission Impossible 7 vs. Top Gun 2 - Which Tom Cruise Movie Is Better

Top gun gay subtext For 90s closeted teens, the film offered safe homoeroticism.

Perhaps the most famous, and certainly most passionate argument for reading Top Gun as an explicitly gay text is Quentin Tarantino's monologue in Rory Kelly's 1994 film Sleep With Me,.

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"Take Your Breath Away" with these 50 quotes from "Top Gun" from Maverick, Goose, and more, as you recall the movie sequel, "Top Gun: Maverick".

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Last year, when Top Gun celebrated its 35th anniversary, Vulture asked producer Jerry Bruckheimer about the film's standing as an iconic moment in gay cinema. While he admitted that that wasn.

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"Top Gun" producer Jerry Bruckheimer celebrated the film's 35th anniversary this month by reflecting on the movie's unexpected legacy as a gay film in an interview with Vulture.

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(Happy Pride Month!)Actually, Top Gun: Maverick Is the Gayest Thing This WeekLast weekend, I made a gay pilgrimage of my own. I took my sad little self to the nearby Alamo Draf

Tom Cruise, 56, hasn't aged one bit as he films scenes for Top Gun Maverick on a motorcycle

Insane jet stunts and some good old fashioned American patriotism — that's Top Gun for you. Except, there's more. It's also an unexpected gay classic.

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Is You LGB 'Cause Your Gun Pink? is a catchphrase taken from a viral Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA 5) clip by YouTuber TrapCeleb that became a TikTok sound and meme in early 2023. The soundbite references the LGBTQ+ abbreviation, associating the other player's pink gun with them being gay. The sound was used by mostly queer or female TikTokers who highlighted a cliché LGBTQ+ signifier.

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Years ago, Quentin Tarantino infamously claimed that Top Gun (1986) was really a movie about two gay guys struggling with their sexual identity. Many people who've seen the clip think that Tarantino was just goofing around. But having seen Top Gun before I had even known about the clip, I can tell you for a fact that he wasn't making stuff up just to be outrageous and funny.