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Sviatoslav 'the Brave' Grand Prince of Kiev 945972

Oleg was a Rurikid ruler of the Drevlians from 969 to his death in 977. [1] He was the second son of Sviatoslav I of Kiev . Date of birth is not known, but is probably before 957. Sviatoslav split up his domains, and gave the Drevlyan lands to Oleg. Oleg and his brother Yaropolk went to war after their father's death.

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The sword of the Varangian type of the era of Sviatoslav the Brave (10 th c.) can now be seen by everyone in St. Sophia Cathedral! The sword, which is associated with the name of Sviatoslav the Brave, was found on November 7, 2011 near the Khortytsia Island. It was caught from the depths of the Dnipro by the Zaporozhian fisherman Serhii Piankov.

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The Special Operations Forces of Ukraine's Armed Forces has posted a video about the everyday life of the operators of the 3rd Special Purpose Regiment named after Prince Sviatoslav the Brave of the Special Operations Forces. Source: video posted by press service of the Special Operations Forces

ArtStation Sviatoslav the Brave

Reign of Sviatoslav I (Sviatoslav the Brave), who expands and enriches Kievan Rus through military campaigns. 972 - 980. Reign of Yaropolk I in Kievan Rus. 980 - 1015. Reign of Vladimir I (the Great) in Kievan Rus; converts region to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. c. 987.

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Sviatoslav the Brave in 970 AD, en route to Constantinople. (Yevgeny Lansere / Public domain) The Rurik Dynasty: A Line Of Deathless Kings. The Rurikids followed the so-called agnatic seniority, a method of succession through which rule is inherited by a ruler's younger brother, rather than his sons.

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Sviatoslav or Svyatoslav I Igorevich (Old East Slavic: Свѧтославъ Игорєвичь, romanized: Svętoslavŭ Igorevičǐ; c. 943 - 972) was Prince of Kiev from 945 until his death in 972. He is known for his persistent campaigns in the east and south, which precipitated the collapse of two great powers in Eastern Europe, Khazaria and the First Bulgarian Empire.

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The main carachter in this picture is the Prince Svyatoslav the Brave who is compared to Alexander the Great and Caesar. Svyatoslav was a warrior, the prince.

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The monument to Sviatoslav the Brave is the face of the history of the city Zaporizhzhia and Ukraine. 5-meter bronze monument is installed on one of the possible places of the prince's death in 972. Prince of Kyivan Rus Sviatoslav the Brave (940-972) - grandson of Rurik, son of Prince Igor and Princess Olga, the father of Volodymyr the Saint.

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Igor was the elder son of Svyatoslav Olgovich, by his second wife, the Novgorodian Catherine. By giving the child the baptismal name of Yury, Svyatoslav Olgovich acknowledged his friendship with prince Yury Vladimirovich of Suzdal. [2] In choosing Igor for the boy's princely name, he testified to the close bond that had existed between him and.

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The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (UASOF) motto "I'm Coming For You!" (Іду на ви!) was that of the tenth-century Ukrainian leader Sviatoslav 'The Brave,' a Grand Prince of Kyiv renowned for his bravery and his success in defeating armies that greatly outnumbered his own.

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His decade-long reign over the Kievan Rus' was marked by rapid expansion into the Volga River valley, the Pontic steppe, and the Balkans. By the end of his short life, Sviatoslav carved out for himself the largest state in Europe, eventually moving his capital in 969 from Kiev (modern-day Ukraine) to Pereyaslavets (identified as the modern village of Nufaru, Romania) on the Danube.

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Sviatoslav I Ihorovych [Святослав I Ігорович; Svjatoslav Ihorovyč] (appellations: Khorobryi [the Brave] and Zavoiovnyk [the Conqueror]), b 942?, d 972.Grand prince of Kyiv (de jure from 945, de facto from 964) and noted military commander; son of Prince Ihor and Princess Olha.While he was a minor, Sviatoslav's mother was regent of the Kyivan state, and he was raised by a.

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Svyatoslav I (died 972) grand prince of Kyiv from 945 and the greatest of the Varangian princes of early Russo-Ukrainian history.. He was the son of Grand Prince Igor, who was himself probably the grandson of Rurik, prince of Novgorod. Svyatoslav was the last non-Christian ruler of the Kyivan state.After coming of age he began a series of bold military expeditions, leaving his mother, Olga, to.