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Smart Roadster Bonnets & Parts Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now. Enter vehicle info All Auction Buy it now 98 results Colour Brand Placement on Vehicle Brand Type Classic Part Condition Price Buying format All filters SMART ROADSTER CONVERTIBLE 01-07 BONNET 18399 *SCRATCHES* (Fits: Smart Roadster) £50.00 £50.00 postage SPONSORED

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Buy Bonnet for SMART ROADSTER online. Safe Order 200 days; А convenient app for buying car parts; Car repair videos; Hood and parts: What is the price of this product for the SMART ROADSTER? The price of products in the category Hood and parts for the SMART ROADSTER ranges from £0 to £33, depending on the specifications and manufacturer.

Nuevo Smart roadster 452 Front Striker

2004 - 2007 Opening the bonnet Time 15 minutes Difficulty Find your vehicle You will find the bonnet lever here Find and then release the safety latch and open the bonnet. Use the bonnet stay Undo the tray retaining fixings - use a screwdriver Now remove the tray General view The engine is located at back of the car, underneath the rear cargo area

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2 Year Warranty. 4 months at 0% interest with PayPal Credit. click for more info. Description. A single Smart Roadster bonnet gas strut with a 2 year warranty and new fixings. Replaces part number (s) 0009223V004. Specification. Part Number. GSC2159. Display Weight (Kg)

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A Selection of parts for the various Smart Car Models - Smart ForTwo, Smart ForFour, Smart City-Coupe & Smart Roadster Accessories & Styling Audio/Telecomms. Body & Trim Braking System Car Care Clutch & Transmission Cooling System Electrical & Ignition Engine Parts Exhaust Systems Fuel System Heating and Ventilation Lighting, Mirrors, Bulbs

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The Smart Roadster front bonnet can misbehave and not close completely when lowering it, having to apply.. Open the bonnet from the inside of the car (use the lever in the glove-box) and raise the bonnet completely. open. The 13mm screw used to adjust the closing mechanism of the bonnet. This is the one that probably needs

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Smart pitched the new car as a kind of modern-day Midget. "Smart has revived the roadster classics of the 50's and 60's [sic]" read the brochure, " [to] recreate the open, direct and authentic roadster driving feel of the past.". While the relatively high-tech powertrain and sophisticated looks suggested otherwise, Smart really wasn.


Smart Roadster front bonnet hinge right side Used, but good condition Add to cart On sale!-€5.00; Exterior parts used. Smart Roadster rear wing carrier Left side. €19.50 €24.50 incl. VAT - €19.50 excl. VAT. Smart Roadster rear wing carrier left side Used, but good condition.

Had a go at vinyl wrapping my roadster and boot, pretty happy with the results SmartCar

New Smart Roadster 452 Front Bonnet boot catch for luggage box 7mm retaining ring retaining ring only Add to cart Roof systems & parts. Smart Roadster Roof Bar stow bracket. N600. €32.64 incl. VAT - €32.64 excl. VAT. Smart Roadster Roof Bar stow bracket Add to cart.

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29 From 2003 until 2005, Smart offered a diminutive sporty two-seater called the Roadster that was also available as a coupe with both featuring tiny turbo engines slung behind the driver.

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Bonnet removal. With the bonnet closed, you will see two black screw caps at either end of the scuttle, circled below. Use a very fine tool to pop them off. The plastic marks very easily so be very careful as any damage will be quite noticable. If you choose to sacrifice your caps, or have lost them, then they can bee reordered from smart under.

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Smart Roadster bonnet release lever. Red plastic lever which attaches to the cable which releases the front hatch/bonnet. Will fit ALL models of smart roadster and roadster coupe. £6.00 (inc. VAT) More; Smart Roadster Sill Clip. Smart Roadster sill clips. Small white sliding clip that attaches the lower side sills to the car..

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Get your StrutsDepot StrutsDepot Smart Roadster 2003-2005 Coupe Bonnet Gas Struts (Pair) now. Shop for gas struts, gas springs, end fittings and more! Skip to content. Call us now: 0208 887 0100 E-Mail: [email protected].

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2 of these hold the bonnet open - one on each side. Sold singularly. Not sided - same strut for both sides. Same bonnet gas struts fit ALL models of Smart roadster and roadster coupe. AVAILABLE TO ORDER - PLEASE ALLOW APPROX 4 - 5 WORKING DAYS FOR DELIVERY. Smart Roadster Bonnet Gas Strut. £46.79.