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Minecraft Xbox Double Iron Doors [TUTORIAL] (Simultaneous Pressure Plate) YouTube

How To Make a Pressure Plate Door - The Working Double Door Explained Ginthian Shield 181 subscribers Subscribe 3K views 4 years ago How To Make Stuff Today we are talking about how to make a.

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1 Answer Sorted by: 0 You're very close, but you're firing your deactivate event twice: once the instant the pad is empty, and then again after a delay. Delete the first one, and also make sure you stop the timer if the player returns to the pad before the time is up:

Minecraft How To Make a Double Door w/ a Pressure Plate YouTube

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Pressure Plate Double Door Tutorial YouTube

I'm trying to get adjacent pressure plates on each side of double doors to open said doors. My problem right now is that the left plate opens both doors but the right plate only opens the left door. Regardless of which plate is used, both doors end up closed when you step off. All four plates connect to an OR gate which outputs to both doors.

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Automatic doors in Minecraft vary in complexity, and can be as simple as using a pressure plate in front of an iron door or players can add in things like pistons and additional redstone machinery.

How To Build a Pressure Plate activated Sticky Piston Door on Minecraft. YouTube

In this tutorial, we cover the 3 ways to open an iron door with a button, a lever, or a pressure plate. Let's explore how to open an iron door. How to Open an Iron Door using a Button The first way to open an iron door involves using a button. To open an iron door, there are 2 different kinds of buttons that you can use. You can choose either one.

Minecraft Tutorial How to make a pressure plate door YouTube

A Pressure Plate (any) An Iron Door Building Blocks (any) Please note that we insist on using an iron door because wooden doors can be opened manually by hand. That means several mobs too can open them and walk into your house when you are asleep peacefully. Steps to Make a Simple Redstone Door

Minecraft Automatic Door Using Pressure Plates, Tutorial Simple YouTube

Towns New touch door systemTown Debug: Server:

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4 pressure plates 30 blocks (if you want a different colored door, choose 24 blocks with 6 of a different material) 6 sticky pistons 2 redstone torches 12 redstone dust Sticky pistons are a normal piston, but they stick to any attached block. To craft them, you need a normal piston and a slimeball. These can be difficult to find at first.

Pressure plate redstone door YouTube

This way, the door will open normally with the pressure plate, but once you turn off the switch connected to the plate, this will stop working and the door will not open using the pressure plate. So you can enter your house, turn off the switch, and nobody will be able to enter by walking on the pressure plate outside.


A pressure plate is a non- solid block that produces a redstone signal when stood on by an entity, with four variants: Wooden pressure plates can detect all entities, producing the maximum signal strength of 15. Stone pressure plates can detect only players and mobs, also producing a strength of 15.

Minecraft double door double pressure plate YouTube

how to make the basics of a redstone house

how to make a simple redstone door with pressure plates YouTube

By the way the repeaters are pointing towards the block the redstone torch is on (for the picture a barrier) how this works is the redstone torch powers the door forcing it to stay closed. The repeaters turn the redstone torch on and off. The redstone connects the pressure plate to the repeaters. NOTE: works with buttons, levers, /testfor.

2x2 Piston door with Pressure plates YouTube

Hey guys! In today's video, I will be showing you guys how to make a Pressure Plate Door!Link to model:

How to wire pressure plates on an automatic door. To do the other side, run wires straight

Either a lever, button, or pressure plate is a necessity if you are using iron doors or iron trap doors. They cannot be opened any other way. Unlike wooden doors and trap doors, iron ones cannot be opened without using redstone-based machinery.