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Main Campaign Two had eight cast members—seven players who form an adventuring party and the Dungeon Master . Travis Willingham as Fjord Stone, a half- orc warlock who unwittingly makes a pact with a malevolent leviathan named Uk'otoa when he is drowning at sea.

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They began the campaign at level 2. The end of Episode 4, "Disparate Pieces", is when they reach level 3. I believe they level up to 4 during Episode 14, "Fleeting Memories". Level 5 is reached at the end of Episode 18, "Whispers of War". Level 6 happened off-screen before Episode 30, "The Journey Home".

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Published Mar 21, 2020 Critical Role is a daunting series with a huge backlog, so here are some ways a newbie can catch up without dedicating countless hours to the task. via Critical Role on YouTube

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In Campaign 1 it also felt like everything had been tied off after the Chroma Conclave. Then they spent multiple episodes tying up loose ends with episodes 85-99. At that point ever PC had pretty much finished up. Grog, Percy, Pike, Keyleth, and Scanlan returned. I also think the twins too with their father.

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(Campaign 2, EP7) Hush (Campaign 2, EP8) The Gates of Zadash (Campaign 2, EP9) Steam and Conversation (Campaign 2, EP10) Waste and Webs (Campaign 2, EP11) Zemnian Nights (Campaign 2, EP12) Midnight Espionage (Campaign 2, EP13) Lost & Found (Campaign 2, EP14) Fleeting Memories (Campaign 2, EP15) Where the River Goes (Campaign 2, EP16) A Favor in.

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Campaign 2 Wrap Up: With Laura Bailey, Ashly Burch, Mica Burton, Brian W. Foster. Now that the Mighty Nein's Campaign 2 adventures have come to an end, the cast sits down for a round table discussion of every arc of their journey.

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Running Stats. Here lies the archives of stats we collect surrounding Critical Role the show in general on a regular basis, such as cross-campaign stats. If you are looking for statistics regarding one the central campaigns, the links to their archive pages are available immediately below. Exandria Unlimited Stats. Bells Hells Stats.

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Level 9: NEIN Level 10: New Tricks, Who Dis Level 11: Spells and Class Abilities Level 12: Feats, ASIs, and Subclass Feature Level 13: Proficiency Increase, Spells, and Subclass Features Level 14: Enter the Epic Level 15: Few But Potent Level 16: Mighty, Mighty Nein

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Level Up! The Mighty Nein have hit Level 14! Caduceus with the Divine Intervention! Touchdown, Wildmother. Artagan, bring more mai tais for the group next time. Apparently the eyes on Lucien's body can move and I'm just. That's such intense body horror, Matt is not playing around. The Nein don't have a lot of allies that aren't…mages.

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Level Up Level Update Critical Role Level 9 Update: Proficient and Apart March 22, 2023 Thanks to amihyperfixatingagain for this art piece, and thanks to kingcael for the character portraits! Unfortunately, it seems that just as Bells Hells has reached level 9, we won't get to see half of the party in action for a while.

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The ending of campaign 2 has really crept up on me. Did I miss an announcement? I was unaware it is coming to an end. It seems to me they are only Level 15 and a number of key characters haven't had an arc or proper conclusion yet (apart from maybe Veth). C1 has some pretty clear story arcs.

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Warning! SPOILERS for Critical Role campaigns 1, 2, and 3!. Critical Role's campaigns are complex and connected as the series moves between the adventures of Vox Machina, the Mighty Nien, and Bells Hells.This is partially due to how Critical Role grew beyond what anyone could have imagined, including the cast who created it in the first place. What started as a single birthday one-shot of.

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Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein Sign in to edit Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein Promotional photo of the Critical Role cast for the launch of Campaign 2 Starring Laura Bailey - Jester Lavorre Taliesin Jaffe - Mollymauk Tealeaf / Caduceus Clay / Kingsley Tealeaf Ashley Johnson - Yasha Nydoorin Liam O'Brien - Caleb Widogast

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Magpiemolly • 9 November 2020 • User blog:Magpiemolly. Here you'll find an incomplete guide to the outfits bought, commissioned, stolen, or otherwise acquired by the Mighty Nein as well as their various tattoos for the referance of cosplayers, artists, and writers alike. Note: As the original outfits and level 10 upgrades were released in.

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