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TOP 110 YouTube Challenges in 2024 1. "Not My Hands" Challenge This is a great and funny challenge to do with your friends. You just need to have one friend that is standing or sitting behind you. What the friend has to do is to pretend that his or her hands are your hands.


The "find a job" challenge: See if you can get yourself a job in 24 hours. Try restaurants or stores and ask to start working imediately. The "24 hours in a restaurant" challenge: You can only spend your time in one restaurant for the entire day. Make sure the restaurant allows you to film! The "24 hours in a movie theater" challenge:

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For exclusive content head to my Patreon Page <3. Raina Huang is a youtuber primarily focusing on food challenges in Southern California; known for the 50x50 in-n-out burger ate in one sitting; she travels the world to discover more exciting fun craziness! #RainaisCrazy.

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191 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration 51 Vlog Ideas You Need To Try YouTube Challenges With Food We'll start with a list of 22 youtube challenges that involve food. Beware of any food allergies or choking hazards before doing one of the following challenges! Bean Boozled Challenge

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11 Crazy Youtube Challenges! BriaAndChrissy 921K subscribers 10K 412K views 10 years ago OPEN ME FOR A CRAZY VIDEO!!!!! Bria and I decided to take on the YouTube Challenge Challenge,.

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Probably not considering how disgusting wasabi is. This is one of the more painful challenges. Very possible, but most fail due to the horrible taste. 2) Salt And Ice: This video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube. Learn more. Watch on YouTube. Watch on. Pour salt on your hand.


100 Popular YouTube Challenges (And Ideas) to Help You Go Viral YouTube marketing By Tony Newton Updated on June 30, 2023 YouTube Challenges are a great way to increase your subscriber count and attract new followers. You can use them for viral marketing campaigns to get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of views for your channel.

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Thu 11 Jan 2024 15.15 EST. Last modified on Thu 11 Jan 2024 21.30 EST. Astronomers have discovered a ring-shaped cosmic megastructure, the proportions of which challenge existing theories of the.


1. The Whisper Challenge: 2. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge: 3. The Bean Boozled Challenge: 4. The Chubby Bunny Challenge: 5. The Yoga Challenge: 6. The Ice Bucket Challenge: 7. The 100 Layers Challenge: 8. The Cinnamon Challenge: 9. The No Mirror Makeup Challenge: 10. The Smoothie Challenge: 11. The Blindfolded Drawing Challenge: 12.

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4- Tin Can Challenge. Similar to some challenges previously mentioned, this is a mystery can challenge where there are multiple cans that are numbered and jumbled up on the table. Some of these cans may have nasty things, to add to the excitement. So basically, you say a number, and your partner opens the can.

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Food Challenges for YouTube. 1. Red Food vs Yellow Food Challenge. This is a two-people challenge where every round you have to pick — randomly — if you are going to eat the yellow or red food. For example mango or watermelon. 2. Spicy vs Extreme Spicy food Challenge. There are two plates with food.


YouTube Challenges are a fun way to spice up your YouTube channel. The best part about these YouTube challenges is that you can do them with friends and family, and you can also do many youtube challenges by yourself.

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Pringles challenge There are for sure lots of Pringles flavors you haven't tried before. Get someone to pick up some underrated flavors, bring a friend, and get blindfolded. Whoever gets the most right answers wins. This is a great video challenge for kids channels also. Oreo challenge Lemon Oreo, birthday cake, pumpkin spice.

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18 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing. Social media challenges could be daring your kids to take dangerous—even deadly—risks. By Jenna Campbell. Feb 06, 2020. Photo: The risk of your kid doing a stupid dare is no longer limited to peer pressure at school. Any child with access to social media can be exposed to these.

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1- CRAZY 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE 2- Fun Accent Challenge 3- Not My Hands Challenge 4- The Yoga Challenge 5- The Ghost Pepper Challenge 6- Water Bottle Flip Challenge 7- Chubby Bunny Challenge 8- The Cinnamon Challenge 9- Eat it or Wear it Challenge 10- Smoothie Challenge 11- Last To Wins Challenge 12- Try Not To Laugh Challenge