Grow as we go Ben Platt Lyrics YouTube

Grow as we go Ben Platt Lyrics YouTube

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Ben Platt Lyrics sort by album sort by song soundtrack: "Dear Evan Hansen" (2017) Anybody Have A Map? Waving Through A Window For Forever Sincerely, Me Requiem If I Could Tell Her Disappear You Will Be Found To Break In A Glove Only Us Good For You Words Fail So Big / So Small Finale Obvious Hiding In Your Hands Part Of Me

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They don't know me and you You don't ever have to leave If to change is what you need You can change right next to me When you're high, I'll take the lows You can ebb and I can flow And we'll take it slow And grow as we go Grow as we go Grow as we go Grow as we go I don't know who we'll become I can't promise it's not written in the stars But I.

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.more Ben Platt - RAIN (Lyrics Video)Ben Platt - RAIN Lyrics Nabis Lyrics : 🔥Follow Ben Platt:http://benplattmusic.comTwitt.

Hurt Me Once Ben Platt //Lyrics YouTube

[Verse 4] I'm so hard to handle I'm selfish and I'm sad Now I've gone and lost the best baby That I ever had Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on [Chorus] Oh, I wish I had a river so.

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Reverie Tracklist. king of the world, pt. 1 Lyrics. childhood bedroom Lyrics. happy to be sad Lyrics. i wanna love you but I don't Lyrics. leave my mind Lyrics. dance with you Lyrics. king of.

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Most days I wake up with a pit in my chest There are thoughts that I can't put to rest There's a worry that I can't place Most nights, I am restless and quiet won't come So I lay there and wait for the sun There's a trouble that won't show its face You came out of nowhere and you cut through all the noise I make sense to the madness when I.

Temporary Love Ben Platt Lyrics YouTube

The new album 'Reverie' available now!Download/Stream: for more official content from Ben Platt: https://benplatt..

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Ben Platt Lyrics "Everything I Did To Get To You" (from "Songland") I'll admit the fact that I Settled for somebody Just to fight the lonely Put myself out on the line Tried to change the old me Changing almost broke me Been the life of the party Done the worst I could do Chasing love That was pointless 'Til it pointed me to you

Ben Platt Grow As We Grow (Lyrics) YouTube

[Verse 1] It's been a long time since I came around Been a long time, but I'm back in town This time I'm not leavin' without you You taste like whiskey when you kiss me, oh I'd give anything to be.

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"I may not be wise And I won't save the day But look in my eyes And know I'll always stay And I won't run away I won't run away" You say it's safer on your own You'd rather sleep alone Than grow to need me there But I hope now you can see What my mom and dad showed me I'm not going anywhere

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[Verse 1] Your eyes give life a new meaning It's like I found the North Lights I never knew what I needed Until I felt your hand holding mine, yeah [Pre-Chorus] You say I'm your hero But you are.

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About Ben Platt Ben Platt is best known for his Tony-winning performance as the title role in the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Platt also has credits in the Pitch Perfect series as Benji.

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Ben Platt Lyrics "So Will I" You say, what if I go crazy? I say, that ain't gonna happen You say, what if I get lost? I say, you'll just find your way back And you say, what if someone breaks my heart? I'll pull it back together like I do You say, what if I don't catch the dreams That I've been out there chasing? What if when my fears show up